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The best (and best-looking) grinders and accessories.

Barista tools and coffee accessories for espresso machines. Everything you need to make the perfect coffee, espresso and cappuccino. Selection of tampers, portafilters, stainless steel milk pitchers and thermometer, knock boxes, coffee bumpers, parts & cleaning supplies for espresso machines.


Rocket Espresso Tamper

Professional design coffee tamper made with high-quality stainless steel. Perfect for pressing the grounds in the portafilter. Sturdy and robust construction makes pressing a breeze. This in turn improves the coffee extraction and drip time for the perfect cup of coffee. Measuring cup for 57/58 mm coffee filter



Rocket Espresso Tamper Station

This filter holder is a must for every Barista! The beautifully finished Rocket Espresso Tamper Station has a rubber mat underneath to provide more grip and protection for your work surface.  The sturdy stainless steel housing and thick rubber provide plenty of support for the filter holder and space for the tamper.



Macap MXD – Grind on Demand

With its digital series of ‘grind on demand’ coffee grinders, Macap has introduced a revolutionary application in the specialty coffee scene. Thanks to its precision grinder control, simple LCD screen pad and rotating adjustment knob, the MXD makes it easy to set single or double doses and constant grind.

Its high-quality performance combines with the micrometic and accurate grinder settings in order to produce optimum results from the best specialty coffee blends. Fully automatic and stepless coffee grinder. Grinds directly into the filter holder. Each portion is ground fresh. Adjustable dosing for separate 1 or 2 espresso shots. Couldn’t be more convenient.


8-10 kg coffee per hour (3 grams per second)

Holder volume   1,4kg
Grinder disks   Ø 75mm plat
Grinder disk speed   – 1400 r.p.m. (50 Hz) / 1600 r.p.m. (60Hz)
Wattage   340 watt
Weight   11 kg


Height   60 cm
Width   22 cm
Depth   37 cm (including catch tray)
Diameter container   23cm

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