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Barista Training

A good cup of fresh-ground coffee is the calling card of every café or restaurant.

Customers appreciate quality and presentation and are becoming increasingly more discerning. Fresh coffee varieties made by hand with passion and expertise can make all the difference, because professional coffee involves much more than just ‘pushing a button’. In addition to its professional-grade commercial espresso machines, Manetti also offers Barista training courses.

Introduction to espresso & cappuccino

This cappuccino & espresso workshop deals with the fresh preparation of coffee varieties at the professional level. It is intended for personnel who want to know more about what it takes to be an Italian Barista. The courses teach how to prepare fresh espresso & cappuccino by hand and how to deal with coffee equipment and Barista tools. They offer some theory, but plenty of practical instruction. Our trainers are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association Europe (SCAE).

The workshop is intended to help you bring out the best from the espresso machine and make the best-tasting coffee.

The courses contain some theory and product knowledge about coffee and coffee equipment, but are mainly about practical techniques. Because a good cup of coffee is a matter of experience, with some help from an expert and a bit of knowledge to help you tell the difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad one.

We also offer some handy tips and tricks to help you perfect your own methods.



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What subjects will be dealt with in the workshop?

  • Preparing fresh espresso
  • Grinding coffee beans and adjusting the grinder
  • Steaming milk & preparing fresh cappuccino
  • Professional operation of the espresso machine
  • Tools & accessories used by the Barista
  • Espresso machine maintenance

Workshop Certificate

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will receive an official Barista certificate.


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